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Technological innovation guides gelato’s journey into the future

An app for placing orders and soft “artisanal” gelato are just two of the new ideas spotted at Host2015. Key to these developments are the machines that keep the wheels of this 32-million-euro sector turning.

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How ice cream parlours are expanding and developing

The ways in which ice cream is enjoyed is changing, and so is the good old ‘parlour’ we all know so well. There is so much more on offer now and gelato is being served in new retail contexts.

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Coffee-making machinery: what does the future hold?

The industry is moving more and more towards automation (a crucial factor in new markets run by less specialised staff), and towards further improving quality so as to cater to the most demanding coffee lovers. We take a look at some of the latest hi-tech designs.

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17 blogger ambassadors, all highly qualified and stakeholders in the social network world, talk about the trends in their own countries, offering in-depth analysis, ideas and advice about how to tackle the market.

8 BAR-TRENDS 2015-2016

Russian trade magazine has published a forecast of trends in the bar industry 2015-2016 

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Sensei Sushi and Manga Art

 Sushi is a concept that has conquered the world. There is no limit to the creative ideas related to the Japanese specialty – in both a classic and fusion style.

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2015 has been a big year of change for restaurants and food professionals. 

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When business creates culture and becomes a spectacle.
More than 400 engagements including performances, seminars, workshops, show cooking and demonstrations by starred chefs, master ice-cream and pastry bakers, and baristas from Italy and around the world.


It’s a dream in a box offering a whole world to dive into, leaving real life behind. Read more

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Recognition for innovation in the hospitality sector promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with POLI.design. Read more

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Identità Golose Future

A project that hinges around the evolution in cuisine and patisserie, based on evolution in technologies of the last few years, offering a foretaste of the possible scenarios in years to come. Read more

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