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Pre-registration now available

Pre-registration has begun and tickets can be bought on the Host website. This year a special ticket giving access to both Host and Expo Milan is on offer, together with a pre-paid parking space reservation service

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“Always Open”, a workshop for excellence in hospitality

On 30 March, Host brought together some of the key players in “made in Italy” excellence at Milan City Hall to discuss ways of establishing a systematic approach to the challenges that lie ahead

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Hospitality: on-going innovation in the name of quality

At Host the spotlight will be on the innovations that make the work of restaurants and hotels more efficient and offer clients more comfort

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Be My Host

Host's new blog.
17 blogger ambassadors, all highly qualified and stakeholders in the social network world, talk about the trends in their own countries, offering in-depth analysis, ideas and advice about how to tackle the market.

“For each mouth, a different soup”, portuguese proverb

For someone who has been an expat all her life, I can’t help but feel like a tourist myself every time I re-visit my roots.

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Artisan-roasters and their secret world

Once upon a time there was only filter coffee and espresso. Ordering a cup of coffee in a bar was an easy task; no menus were involved with different blends, methods of preparation or baristas. 

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The New Cozyness

Always remember: Clients want to be guests, not clients. Designers need to rethink their approach of hospitality.

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When business creates culture and becomes a spectacle. More than 400 engagements including performances, seminars, workshops, show cooking and demonstrations by starred chefs, master ice-cream and pastry bakers, and baristas from Italy and around the world.


It’s a dream in a box offering a whole world to dive into, leaving real life behind. Read more


Recognition for innovation in the hospitality sector promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with POLI.design.Read more

Identità Golose Future

A project that hinges around the evolution in cuisine and patisserie, based on evolution in technologies of the last few years, offering a foretaste of the possible scenarios in years to come. Read more

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