• Food service equipment
  • Bread, Pizza, Pasta
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Bar/coffee machines/vending
  • Gelato
  • Pastry
  • Furniture
  • Tableware
  • SMART Label 2017


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Host, a world of partnerships

The International Hospitality Exhibition is in a privileged position to observe world food service and retail trends, and is establishing agreements with leading national and international associations.

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Coffee is still central to the bar, and always will be

It accounts for 60% of consumption and 40% of turnover for bars in Italy. Six billion cups of the beverage are drunk every year. And, as bar owners know, the beverage will continue to be the big draw, also in the future.

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SCAE and SCAA come together at Host to promote the world of coffee

The specialty coffee associations will take stock of the current situation on the International Hospitality Exhibition’s global stage.

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When business creates culture and becomes a spectacle.
More than 400 engagements including performances, seminars, workshops, show cooking and demonstrations by starred chefs, master ice-cream and pastry bakers, and baristas from Italy and around the world.


It’s a dream in a box offering a whole world to dive into, leaving real life behind. Read more

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Recognition for innovation in the hospitality sector promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with POLI.design. Read more

Smart Label - Products Awarded

Identità Golose Future

A project that hinges around the evolution in cuisine and patisserie, based on evolution in technologies of the last few years, offering a foretaste of the possible scenarios in years to come. Read more

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