Furniture and Tableware

Experience is the watchword for this sector, which Host showcases within a new-generation exhibition space.
The area displays decor and furnishing solutions for restaurants, pizzerias, bars, bakeries and gelato parlours that form part of exclusive projects created with the help of world-famous architects, designers and art directors.
The formats are set out in concept stores and hybrid retail outlets projected towards the future.
To experience how spaces can be used, to soak up and be influenced by design concepts and products, visitors are invited to appreciate the tables and chairs, interior and outdoor furniture, bathrooms, technology, lighting installations and complementary technologies made from innovative and eco-friendly materials by the best names in the furnishings industry.
For a fully immersive experience, visit EXIHS, an area devoted to excellence, an expression of the best of Italian-made luxury capable of decorating large spaces such as shopping malls, airports, hotels, resorts and conference centres, by deploying VIP-standard hosting concepts.
The quality experience extends also to tableware. Cutlery, tablecloths, trays, silverware, chinaware, carafes, plates and glasses are laid out in their natural habitat, the meal table, where, in addition to the mise en place element, the intrinsic style and the quality of their manufacture are exalted. The products lend themselves to various uses depending on setting and season, with top-of-the-line collections alternating with more functional solutions suited to everyday life. Everything is laid out to ensure an unmissable experience.

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