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What is it?
SMART Label is an award for innovation in the hospitality industry, promoted by HOST - Fiera Milano in collaboration with, which will be given during the next edition of HostMilano 2019 to those products / services / projects that stand out for distinctive features in terms of functionality, technology, environmental sustainability, or ethical or social implications.
A Jury, composed of professors of Politecnico di Milano and industry experts, will assess the applications and will give recognition to those that demonstrate that they have the necessary requirements of innovation according to the following two categories of awards:
- Smart Label: for products with innovative features;
- Innovation Smart Label: for products with a high content of innovation that seek to break with and move beyond the established trends in the industry;
- Green Smart Label: for products with a high level of innovation and distinctive characteristics, compared to the industry trend, in terms of energy saving, environmental compatibility and eco-sustainability.
Two different Special Mentions are also assigned for those products that will be distinguished by:
- the application of new materials that contribute to energy saving or energy recovery;
- the introduction of digital connections between different products in a perspective of Internet of Things, aimed at improving the interaction and the use of individual products.
The candidate products / services / projects which have obtained the acknowledgment will become part of the set of "SMART Products" presented at HostMilano 2019, and will be published in an INDEX dedicated to this, which will create a sign of dynamism and innovation that benefits the whole sector.
The recognition is presented in the form of a "label", a distinctive plaque:
1. to be affixed to the products / services / projects on display at HOSTMilano 2019, and any other items for additional visibility placed inside the stand of the company.
2. to be placed on the selected products / services / projects and presented in a dedicated exhibition (virtual or physical) in HOSTMilano 2019.
3. Companies also can take advantage of the logo for recognition, associating the selected product / service / project with it even after HOSTMilano 2019, and on every occasion that will be considered appropriate by the company (in external communications, in its catalogue, on the website, on the product itself, etc.).

How to participate
Companies listed at HOSTMilano 2019 may submit their own products / services / designs.
Any company can send its application for just one product / service / project.
The advantages for company/professional use and the implications for society and the environment should be evident and clearly described and documented through texts and pictures submitted at the application stage.
The application must be sent exclusively through the template on the site, completing the template with the necessary information, descriptions and images. We will not accept other forms of application.
Participants are informed that the contents included in the application form (texts and images) will be the only ones to be used for the definition of the INDEX for the selected items for 2019 and it will not be possible to add to them or change them once the application has been sent. It is essential, therefore, to introduce correct, clear and representative descriptions in English, and images should be in .jpg or .png format with a quality of 300 dpi (print quality).
Attention: To start completing the template you must be enrolled in HOSTMilano 2019., acting as trustee of recognition, will verify with HOST - Fiera Milano that the companies that have sent applications for their own product / service / project are indeed entered in the HOSTMilano 2019 event.
Evaluation criteria
The candidate products / services / project will be assessed on the basis of information supplied in the application form, and will be selected considering their innovative features in terms of processes and materials used in manufacturing, features of products and services, the applied technologies, ethics and perceived value, and social and environmental sustainability.
The Commission will evaluate the candidate products / services / projects based on the following basic criteria:
- efficiency of the functions of the product or service;
- effectiveness of product performance or usability of the service;
- innovative characteristics of new patterns of use, or technology, or benefits to the company and / or professional user.
Application Deadline
The companies registered at HOSTMilano 2019 may submit an application for their own product / service / project from July 9, 2018 to May 31, 2019.
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