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HostMilano to showcase the hospitality of the future, innovative eating out that is on the rise around the world

  • Products and services relating to food consumption outside the homeare growing, despite the global economy, and reward Italian exportation; in Italy, consumption outside the home has reached 78 billion euro (+8% per year)
  • HostMilano Observatoryfindings: automation and digitalisation are ‘behind the scenes’ drivers, while consumers prioritise personalisation, home delivery services, health consciousness and clean labelling
  • The SMART Label Host Innovation Award makes a return, a prize that promotes the sheer innovation of products and services that introduce discontinuity in terms of functionality, technologies and sustainability
  • With its sector-based events, HostMilano strengthens its position as a first-rate knowledge hub in which to seize the opportunities for hybridisation between industries
  • A world leader in professional hospitality innovation with more than 1,650 exhibitors already confirmed, 43% of which are international, from 50 countries

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Innovation shapes the future of hospitality with SMART label and the Design Talks at Host 2019



  • Smart Label, the Host Innovation Award, is back, in collaboration with The new event this year are the Design Talks, seven refresher seminars for architects, experts and industry professionals with an innovative user-centric approach.
  • The prizes for innovative content, changing directions and sustainability include two special mentions for innovative materials and the Internet of Things. Candidatures are open until 29 April 2019 for all registered exhibitors.
  • Over the three editions of the award, more than 150 prizes and 20 special mentions have been awarded for products, services and projects to a wide variety of actors who have changed the scenario of the hospitality industry.
  • With Smart Label, the Host Innovation Award, and other initiatives with a focus on innovation, HostMilano confirms its role as the event where companies and professionals can get a lead on the products and services which are changing the direction of the industry.
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At HostMilano, Hotels find their way into the third Millennium In the name of technology, design, and new services



  • TheFurniture, Tableware and Technology macro-area move exclusive formats, concept stores, and installations a step forward.
  • Robotics, human touch, and sustainability is the future
  • New technologies conceived for Millennials (and not only) are happening now
  • Eye for detail is the key for the hotel of the future
  • Smart Label – the innovation contest and Host’s flagship – will make its return 
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At Hostmilano, the micro-area dedicated to Coffee, Gelato and Pastry confirms to be a true success in terms of figures and trends. A triumph for hybridisation and Italy’s products



  • The macro-sector makes up 34% of the total number of exhibitors
  • Italy is the world leader in exporting bread, pasta and biscuit-making machines
  • HostMilano has already scheduled hundreds of events, such as the 4th Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana(Italian Coffeehouse Grand Prix) and two world competitions: the Cake Designers World Championships and the World Trophy of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate
  • Smart Label, the innovation contest and Host’s flagship, will make its return
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At Host2019, the hottest trends become business amidst sector innovation, training and unmissable events



  • 1,251 exhibitors have already confirmed their participation, with 44.7% of these hailing from 45 different countries. New entries include Albania, Latvia and Columbia; whilst Germany, Spain, France, the US, the UK, the Netherlands and Portugal rank as the best represented nations, with Spain and the UK boasting the top growth rates
  • Host 2019 confirms and further strengthens its role as a global hub for innovation in all of its many manifestations, from product and process innovation to trends and consumer styles, layouts and formats
  • The layout has been refined and has evolved into three macro-areas that enhance sector fusions and present the most interesting trends in terms of layout and format: of the leading trends, the design and high-tech segments are growing in importance
  • With over 500 events on its schedule, HostMilano will, for the third time, play host to the finals of the Cake Designers World Championship and the World Trophy of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate. The European Pizza Championship, the show-cooking events in collaboration with the APCI, and the Italian Coffeehouse Grand Prix with ACAF and ALTOGA, will also be taking centre stage
  • What’s more, the Smart Label Award, complemented by the Design Talks workshops in partnership with, will spotlight the more avant-garde aspects of sector innovation 
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