Luxury pastry in the world by Iginio Massari

By Iginio Massari
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The master of masters joins over 20 leading pastry chefs from around the world to offer not just workshops and ideas, but also a vision of the future. In a mixture of technology, communication and creativity.
At Host2019 they will be involved in LUXURY PASTRY IN THE WORLD  by Iginio Massari, a new event that will be held over the five days of the fair (18-22 October 2019) and which promises to cause something of a stir in the world of pastry. It will be international in flavour and have its sights set firmly on the future. Just as Host does.
“The aim,” Massari explains, “is to get across the right message about what pastry-making today is all about. I will be helped in this undertaking by personalities and tutors, all from the sector and chosen personally by me. In addition, I believe that the partnership we have with Host comes not just at the right time, but also on the right occasion. Host is already the best fair of its kind in the sector, but with this project we can put into practice a whole set of highly modern and original ideas.”
The new dedicated area will be a hotbed of innovation, with demonstrations, tastings and talks from 20 or so of the most important international pastry chefs. Iginio Massari will be present throughout, with daughter Debora and son Nicola, and will take to the stage for his own demonstrations and talks.