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“How to win a Rancilio Silvia in 3 steps”
The Latte Art contest organized by Rancilio Group in collaboration with Pietro Vannelli
20 – 21 – 22 October from 15.00 to 18.00 h
Rancilio Group “The Coffee House” | Hall 24 - Stand Q50S39 - S50 Q39

A contest - only open to the partners and distributors of Rancilio Group and their end-customers - has been organized to celebrate “Rancilio Silvia”, a coffee machine which continues to be extremely popular with enthusiasts even today, twenty years after its market launch, thanks to some remarkable features which have made it one of the best semi professional machines on the market, guaranteed to bring the pleasure of espresso coffee to domestic kitchens all over the world.  
Once they have registered, participants may challenge each other at brewing cappuccinos in three elimination rounds, during which they will try their hand at creating and drawing the classical patterns of Latte Art: the Tulip, the Teddy Bear, the Heart and the Rosebud. The designs will be examined and judged by Pietro Vannelli - Italian Champion of Latte Art 2015 – who, as Chairman of the judging panel, will announce one lucky winner every day to be awarded with a personalized limited edition of the "Rancilio Silvia" machine.
Pietro Vannelli will judge the designs submitted, taking into account their speed of execution and the creativity and steady hand of the contestant. Furthermore, before and during the contest, Pietro will demonstrate his art to the public attending the trade fair, and will show the infinite potential of XCelsius, the technology for Temperature Profiling fitted on the Rancilio Classe 11 and Classe 9 coffee machines.


TrisMoka Challenge
21 – 22 – 23 October (programme times may be consulted on
Hall 22 – Stand V28

Rancilio Group will be one of the Main Sponsors of “Milano Latte Art Challenge”, the event put on by TrisMoka, an Italian company committed to promoting the culture of excellent espresso coffee.  12 of the world's top baristas will be taking part in the competition, challenging each other in the course of 3 days' competitive events, from the preliminary phases to one to one finals, comprising 9 Latte Art specialities, from traditional patterns to more complex creations. Throughout the contest, the baristas will be using Rancilio Classe 11 machines fitted with the Xcelsius system. An avant-garde technology which, thanks to Temperature Profiling, enables a dynamic regulation of the water temperature in the brewing phase to enhance the organoleptic properties of each individual coffee blend.
The champion of “Milano Latte Art Challenge”, to be announced on Monday 23 October at 17.00 h, will win a Rancilio coffee machine.
Finals of the “Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana”
21 – 22 October from 10.00 to 17.00 h
Hall 10 - Stand H60 L53

Rancilio Group will be present in its role of Main Sponsor at the fifth edition of the “Gran Premio della Caffetteria Italiana” (Grand Prix of Italian coffee), an event organized by Aicaf (Accademia Italiana Maestri del caffè) (Italian Academy of Italian Coffee Baristas) and backed by Altoga (Associazione Lombarda Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari) (Lombard Association of Coffee Roasters, Coffee Importers and Food Wholesalers). Following a lengthy selection starring the country's top baristas, the contest  will draw to a close during HOST Milano 2017. For the semi-finals of Saturday 21 and the finals of Sunday 22 October, the participants will use three Rancilio Classe 11 machines fitted with the Xcelsius system. A technology which, thanks to the temperature profiling of coffee extraction, will enhance the contestants' creativity when engaged in brewing espressos, cappuccinos and other cold coffee-based beverages.  
The jury will evaluate the flavour of the beverages and the originality of the recipes, before expressing a sensorial and taste-related verdict along with a numerical mark.   The prize-giving ceremony will take place on Sunday 22 October at 17.00 h after the Finals.  The top 3 contestants of the national finals will be awarded and the name of The Master Barista of Italian Coffee 2017 will be announced.
Umami Coffee Camp  – HOST Special Edition
22 – 23 – 24 October (opening time info at
Rancilio Group “The Coffee House” | Hall 24 - Stand Q50S39 - S50 Q39

Riccardo Schneider and Carles Gonzalez, coffee competence managers of Rancilio Group, will be among those taking the stage at the “Umani Coffee Camp”, the coffee training course which addresses topics ranging from coffee beans to in cup extraction, in line with the modules of the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Coffee Diploma System. Targeting both beginners and expert professionals, the course will be held during the Host trade fair, with the participation of top notch SCA trainers.  Some training workshops will be organized at the Rancilio Group “Coffee House”, where students will be given the opportunity to test the application of the Xcelsius system for Temperature Profiling using the Rancilio Classe 11 and other extraction systems on coffee machines endowed with different characteristics:  Classe 9 USB, Classe 9 RE and Classe Leva. As well as the “Umami Coffee Camp” activities, throughout the duration of HOST,  members of the public will be able to take part in the "Extraction Lab", an interactive space in which to discover the secrets of coffee extraction in the company of a team of experts, by testing various extraction systems and tasting quality coffee blends.
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Rancilio Group “The Coffee House”
HALL 24 - STAND Q50S39 - S50 Q39