Chiriotti Editori, "Pasticceria Internazionale" and "TuttoGelato"
with Cookery Lab

20-24 October 2017, Host
Fiera Milano


When pastry and chocolate meet art and culture, exciting showpieces arise, which enhance the wise and incredible work of skilled pastry chefs, cake designers and chocolatiers, who are authors of real sculptures!
Because the beautiful and the good, together with authenticity and passion, give vital energy.
During the Host expo, Chiriotti Editori, with "Pasticceria Internazionale" and "TuttoGelato", in synergy with Cookery Lab, presents a collection of showpieces in sugar, chocolate, royal icing...
And the pastry world is also an artistic system that is expressed in forms and taste. The Dolcinarate exhibition stages the skills of professionals with exclusive elaborations, built on aesthetic concepts and through specific techniques.
Dolcinarte is a journey into the culture of sweet decoration. The viewer will be able to move freely between the works on show, appreciating styles, techniques and the evocative "realistic" motifs - sculpted, painted and coated - that will lead him in a snapshot sensory experience, to discover the good and the beauty of pastry art.