21-22 OCTOBER 2017
by Aicaf - Italian Academy of Coffee Masters - and Altoga - Lombard Association of Coffee Roasters and Importers - and Food Wholesalers

 After numerous selections and participants from all over Italy, the 5th edition of the Gran Prix of Italian Coffee Bars confirms to be the Italian contest for baristas. The aim is to promote Italy’s professionalism and products, as stated in the rules.
The recipe presented to the judges, who will proclaim the best barista, must contain at least one Italian ingredient in addition to espresso coffee. Cappuccino, espresso coffee, and coffee-based cold drinks are just a few of the specialties proposed.
The contest aims at enhancing the value of Italian resources exported worldwide and will showcase the characteristics of Italian products and the professionalism of baristas at Host, the international trade fair.
The best three selected from various Italian regions will challenge each other in the semifinals on Saturday 21 October. The baristas (50%) who received the highest score will reach the finals on Sunday 22 October.
According to the rules, baristas must prepare 2 espresso coffees, 2 cappuccinos, and 2 coffee-based drinks in 10 minutes. Moreover, they must present the drinks to the judges while serving them simultaneously.
The event is organised by Aicaf – Italian Academy of Coffee Masters – which will be supported by Altoga – Lombard Association of Coffee Roasters – in the finals.