11 marketing pearls

By Editrade

11 half-hour lessons at the Editrade stand over the 5-day Host exhibition held in Milan.
The esteemed marketing professor, Franco Cesare Puglisi, will be giving 11 lessons on the issues revolving around the sale of artisan ice cream and bakery products rather than their production.

The purpose of the course is to convey the message that it is not enough to employ effective, high-quality production methods, but that it is equally important to know how to sell your products with professionalism, adopting modern sales methods and effectively communicating the craftsmanship required of an artisan ice cream maker or pastry chef. 

The 11 topics at a glance:
· Changes and trends in 70 years of marketing
· Customer service
· Visual sale
· Assisted sale
· Evolutions in communication
· One-to-One marketing
· Tribal marketing
· Craftsmanship as an added value
· Comparison of industrial/artisanal products
· The rules of success
· The recession and how to deal with it