Cafe Chronology

Produced by the Specialty Coffee Association and the World Coffee Events team

The places we drink coffee have played crucial roles in modern history, influencing the cultural mood around them during seminal eras. Experience this rich history in person with Cafe Chronology, a new event debuting at HOST Milano 2017, produced by the Specialty Coffee Association and the World Coffee Events team. Cafe Chronology Milan will present different bar experiences serving coffee and alcohol, transporting you to pivotal moments in cafe history, and immersing you in the material culture around coffee drinking; from historic machines, to period flavors, to service-wares and furnishings that capture each era’s aesthetics.
Cafe Chronology is a new concept that will bring coffee culture to life for attendees, in a space designed for engagement, relaxation, and learning. The space will feature machines and historic items from multiple manufacturers, drawing off the rich history captured by places like the MUMAC academy. The debut Cafe Chronology event in Milan will feature bars representing three different global coffee eras: the early 1900s, the mid-1900s, and the contemporary moment. Turn a corner from one bar to the next, and you will be able to see how the look and feel of the coffee experience has evolved historically, and what the future may hold.
HOST Milano brings together an incredible array of industries and manufacturers, representing every aspect of the hospitality experience. Cafe Chronology seeks to build on this rich environment by partnering with providers to present as many details of the historic coffee experience as possible, with Caffé Milani being served exclusively. The rich history of cafe service is deeply rooted in Italy, from machinery, to cups and glassware, to alcohols and pastries and other goods, to furniture and design.
The Specialty Coffee Association produces many different bar services at events across the globe, and the World Coffee Events team has been bringing specialty coffee event experiences to HOST attendees since WCE’s inception. With the unification of the Association, these strengths have combined, and Cafe Chronology is one of the first examples of the exciting new opportunities that are possible.
Italy has a long history of combining coffee and alcohol service, and so Cafe Chronology Milan will explore this intersection with the help of expert bartenders and baristas. This is a particularly exciting opportunity to experience insightful expert takes on the history and future of coffee & alcohol.
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