Our food choices play a key role in making our behavioursustainable for the environment which hosts us. The adoption of a consumption model that promotes a balanced diet and demonstrates the benefits to human health and the environment is one of the first steps to be taken in the pathto preserve our health and that of our planet.

Today, more than ever, restaurants is called on to contribute to highlighting the eating habits of the future and to providing concrete answers. Talking about sustainability in restaurants necessarily involves all phases of the chain:production, marketing, preparation and delivery and requires the direct involvement of all actors through the activation of an efficient energy system.

On this basis CHIC has created the CHIC RESPECT brandfor restaurants that undertake a journey aimed at reducing the impact on the environment, based on adopting a protocol in line with respect for environmental and natural resources; an attention chefs need to have in a long-term vision.
In particular, the protocol developed by Chic, using the contribution of many experts on the matter, is based on:
- the proposal of a sustainable dietary modelthat, in relation to the main current dietary habits, promotes a protein reversal and provides menus with 80% vegetable protein and 20% animal protein;
- particular attention to the use of raw materials of species (especially fish) at risk of extinction and suffering of the animal in question;
- reduction of food waste, both in processing and in consumption;
- reduction in the consumption of natural resources (water, energy, etc.) at all stages, from production to delivery, even with the use of innovative technology and equipment;
- the maintenance of biodiversity
CHIC RESPECT is characterized by the formulation of a Menu Rispetto (Respect Menu)where the choice of raw materials is weighted against the repercussions that production cycles have on the environment, animal and vegetable species, and man. By joining the project, a restaurantcommits to suggesting theMenu Rispetto (Respect Menu)alongside therestaurant's other proposals intercepting that steadily increasing range of consumers that are attentive to environmental sustainability issues.
At HOST, the Association, which has over 100 great Italian catering professionals, this is the first time we have atemporary and sustainable restaurantwhere you can dine with taste and in respect: an opportunity to comprehend, to try aMenu Rispetto (Respect Menu).
The CHIC stand at Pad.9 every day will also be animated by workshops, seminars and tastings with insights on the meaning of SUSTAINABILITY in Italian and international restaurants.