Hub Coffee Science

A scientific laboratory open to coffee visitors. This is one of the novelties at Host in the HUB Coffee Science. A real exploratory route capable of capturing the scientific principles that underlie a good cup of coffee. The two main elements of the drink: coffee and water, are the two investigative paths within Hub Coffee Science.

The coffee path lets researchers and visitors try different roasting profiles to check the effects on the chemical composition of the bean. The roasted coffee will then be ground depending on the infusion system used to analyse the granulometric distribution and the morphology of the coffee powder. There is then a discussion of different grinding alternatives that highlight the effects on the beverage. The visitor will also be able to compare the results of different extractions, both from the organoleptic point of view and from the chemical point of view, using the scientific instruments in Hub Coffee Science.

A similar path will cover water analysis to understand the chemical principles behind coffee extraction. The visitor learns the basic elements of water and can then test and compare extracted coffee using different water.

The International Hub for Coffee Research and Innovation Centre will coordinate the entire project by providing researchers and scientific instruments. Technical partners will contribute to the initiative with specific equipment and qualified technicians.

A rich educational program will accompany visitors providing more detailed information on the chemical-physical principles underlying good coffee extraction and also provide insights into the most appropriate use of the various equipment on the market.

Hub Coffee Science is a highly innovative cultural project providing a level of fundamental and deeper knowledge that has never been seen in trade fair events.