Coffee and...

From Altoga -  Associazione Lombarda Torrefattori e Importatori di Caffè e Grossisti Alimentari along with Fipe - Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi
Fipe, the Italian Federation of Public Concerns, e Altoga, the Association of Lombard Coffee Roasters, Coffee Importers and Wholesale Food Retailers, will come together at Host 2017 to offer an event that is to be entirely dedicated to the world of coffee in all of its incarnations.  
On the wellness front, the countless health benefits of the Coffea seed will be explained. It will be a journey into the world of coffee starting with the green bean and moving on to toasting and grinding phases, to finish with tastings of the blends.

In addition to the coffee event, Fipe will hold its own programme in its space at Host 2017. Events are to include master classes, training sessions, participation from students at hospitality schools and sessions that highlight the experiences and skills of industry professionals. And, of course, the main theme of innovation won’t be forgotten. Innovation is necessary for establishments to stay up with the times and put the focus on clientele that is ever more informed and demanding when it comes to quality.