Futurbar Green

From Comufficio and Consorzio FIA

If we are what we eat and drink, in this era of the “green economy” and eco-sustainability, then even a lunch or snack in a bar or restaurant needs to respect some fundamental rules. Good “green” practices in HORECA do exist, and more and more business owners, are putting them into place in order to highlight their commitment to saving the environment and to green marketing.  
The most recent market research data highlights growing demand in terms of quality from “3.0” guests. In this era of heightened transparency and digital ubiquity, nothing can be overlooked. An establishment that wants to compete on the global hospitality and tourism market needs to be ultra-efficient, ultra-accessible and ultra-visible…in addition to paying a great deal of attention to the environment and sustainability.
This is the idea behind the Futurbar Green for HOST Fiera Milano 2017 project. By looking at the most interesting case studies having to do with planning and requalification, innovative technological solutions and design, and the recent opportunities offered by legislation, we hope to raise awareness with the key players in this area –  HORECA professionals in the hotel industry, architects and manufacturers – in terms of new market trends and new opportunities that the HORECA and tourism industries can offer.