Let's do Business in Brazil

Trends, opportunities and business development strategies in the main Latin American market and and seventh world economy.
By Gen Brasil (www.gen-brasil.com)
26 October
Convention Center Stella Polare, Sala Aires
h. 17.00

Brazil, the fifth most populous country in the world, has seen until  a few months ago, a rapid  growth of individual consumption and of the middle class; the presence of major events has increased investments in all "Host" segments : Ho.Re.Ca., foodservice, retail, department stores and the hotel business; Moreover, it is the marketplace of reference for all of Latin America.
Despite the crisis that it is going through, Brazil is in any case  the seventh largest economy in the world; the current exchange rate which is very favorable, a stable political system and a package of incentives designed to boost the economy are the ideal conditions for investing in the development of business in Brazil and throughout Latin America.
During the meeting we will see the trend in the "Host" segments, opportunities, requirements, the optimal strategies and marketing channels that enable companies to sell and maximize investments in the next five years.
Agenda will follow