By AIDEPI - Italian Association of Confectionery and Pasta Industries
26-27 October
Stella Polare Convention Centre, Martini Room
World Pasta Day 2015 is a special edition of the event, because World Pasta Congress will be held at the same time. The Congress is composed of several round tables on a variety of themes – including also a summit of nutritionists from all over the world who will exchange ideas on the undeniable nutritional value of Italy’s most emblematic dish.

The goal of the initiative is to celebrate pasta and promote its nutritional benefits to the media and to consumers by explaining how this global food consumed on all continents is able to satisfy not only basic food requirements, but also enhance the most sophisticated experimentation in the gastronomical field.
As in previous years, manufacturers, economists, nutritionists, opinion leaders and media from all over the world will take part in celebrating an age-old food, rich in history, that has become a food staple in so many countries.

The underlying theme is the promotion of pasta in terms of taste, nutritional properties and sustainability from an environmental and economic standpoint,perfectly in line with the theme of Expo:“Feeding the planet, energy for life”.