Coffee District

By CPC - Coffee Promotion Consortium and UCIMAC - Association of espresso coffee-machine and bar equipment manufacturers
Pav. 24
Of all the players taking part in Host2015, the Consorzio Promozione Caffè, an umbrella organization for leading companies who produce and market coffee in its multifarious formats--roasted, decaffeinated, soluble and capsules/pods--will have a primary role. Together with UCIMAC, the Association of espresso coffee-machine and bar equipment manufacturers, in a special area called “Coffee District”, the Consorzio Promozione Caffè will be promoting a multi-disciplinary event involving top experts from the coffee world, research institutes and international organizations. The aim is to disseminate and promote the culture of coffee, with an in-depth look at subjects of the utmost importance, such as national and international market trends and the future scenario, with a particular focus on coffee capsules and pods; the relationship between Italians and coffee, including the presentation of data from research into the myths and rites associated with Italy’s best-loved drink, conducted by Astra Ricerche; the relationships between coffee, and human health and well-being; the commitment of the coffee industry to produce an ever-more sustainable product;  and the training and the culture behind quality coffee.

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