The University of Pizza takes gourmet pizza out into the world

By the Università della Pizza
Pav. 7
Gourmet pizza is now firmly established in the marketplace, with too many imitations to count.

The University of Pizza has conceived this new pizza course after research into soft-wheat flour, yeast, and kneading and cooking techniques.
Pizza is a complete food. Thanks to the nutritional richness of Petra flour, sourdough starter and PetraViva “Bricks”, pizza responds perfectly to the canons of modern-day healthy eating.

Only students who attend the three levels of training at the University of Pizza learn to make state-of-the-art gourmet pizza that fully complies with the Manifesto of Modern-Day Italian Pizza, drawn up by Italy’s best-known food journalists.

For the first time at a fairs event, at HOST the Università della Pizza will be presenting an overview of the most popular gourmet Italian pizzas – a perfect gateway to haute cuisine accessible to all.