A project for sustainability and branded products

By FairSuperBrands
23-24 October
Stella Polare Convention Centre, Gemini Room
HOST is preparing to welcome the business forum of the European consortium “Fair Super Brands,” which will include two days of discussing the impact of branded products from the mass retail chain on social and environmental sustainability in Europe. This is an event of primary importance that will address professionals, consumers and current practices with the objective being to come up with a global education project (via the pan-European EYD2015 – European Development Year – campaign). The aim is for social and environmental aspects to be taken into consideration in each part of the agricultural and food supply chain, from production to consumption. It also aims to create awareness about how our buying habits, food habits and the way we get food can all have effects on the environment and society. The consortium (28 associations from all over Europe) is led by the German organization Christliche Initiative Romero e.V (CIR), and by Amici della Terra in Italy.

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