EXIHS 2015

Organized by Studio Dante O. Benini Partners & Architets
Pav. 10
Exihs 2015 will turn up for the October appointment with a feel that is more avant-garde and luxury-oriented. On the surface, it will seem like nothing has changed. Only on the surface! The very nature of Exihs will be transformed into a workshop full of new ideas and emotions, into a “container” able to interpret the global trends and offer them up with a unique, ever-different interpretation. Once again Exihs is establishing itself as the new way to experience top-of-the-line hospitality. An experiential journey that starts from a different way of conceiving spaces, where everything is decoded and reinterpreted in order to be functional and interactive.
The four “souls” of the project, the four “non-spaces” - Mind, Work, Gym and Relaxation - have been reinterpreted to offer up new inspirations. Thus the Gym area is being enriched with a wellness/spa zone, the Mind area is turned into a boutique hotel because, as architect Dante O. Benini says “in this world, there have to be people who dream of being able to have certain things. And in Exihs there will be many surprises to keep them dreaming, and many innovations that will allow us to turn dreams into something tangible.” There are innovations in the Work area as well, which is divided into two corners – one is to be more traditional and the other for e-work is ultra technological.
The Relaxation area brings together the idea of conviviality – infinitely long tables that welcome different cultures and traditions but that are brought to life with a unified spirit – with the idea of having many table companions. Here one can not only share experiences and build relationships but can also enjoy the innovative flavour of dishes offered by high-end chefs. 
Environments featuring refined, ultra-technological designs come together with lights, scents, live music and images that tell the story of Italian design to create excitement and share culture and awareness of tradition. A fascinating, refined atmosphere that offers numerous opportunities for interacting and learning more. An event meant to outfit large spaces, “non spaces” and hotels.

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