By FIPE - Federazione Italiana Pubblici Esercizi
Pav. 18
 “Arena Dolce Fipe” is the event that FIPE (the Italian Retail Business Federation) will be presenting at Host 2015.
This space will be used to organize and animate production workshops that represent “public businesses” which specialize in raising the profile of their own home-made “sweets”. Recent statistics confirm the success of a format that combines a workshop that produces a company’s own products – making it possible to diversify and vary the offering  – with table service in a venue that is charming and ‘specialized’. In fact, this is becoming the most widespread type of venue, even for light lunches. 
During the five days of Host, Master Gelato chefs will be taking part in a dense program, with a pace worthy of television, to demonstrate the myriad ways in which chocolate can be used. They will also be trying to break the record of the Guinness Book of Records for the greatest number of tubs of ice cream with chocolate-based flavors.
Champion pastry chefs, on the other hand, will be tackling the Milanese cake par excellence, the Panettone, partly as a tribute to Expo, refkecting its aims to spread information about typical, unique types of local food on an international scale.
A special space will be devoted to chocolate in all its marvelous ramifications, from pralines to sculpture, with the collaboration of famous Master Chocolate-makers.
The driving forces guiding trade professionals in this special arena with a strong cultural and professional impact will be their choice of ingredients and their place of origin, competence in using traditional recipes and ‘updating’ them, the ability to interpret and meet contemporary trends, new formats, food design and, last but not least, the art of service.