By Assofrigoristi
Pav. 2
There will be a relentless series of debates and round tables, starting on the opening day and ending  on the last day off the exhibition. The BarCamp formula has been chosen to facilitate the making of contacts and put themes into focus that, on the one hand, help us to explain the role of the refrigeration company and, on the other, give our members the tools they need to operate more positively and effectively at client’s premises.
The program of events will tackle the macro-set of food quality and quality of refrigeration and will touch on subjects such as the importance of fridge maintenance in the industry’s calculation of LCA, the technical options of integrated and diffuse fridge installation, an assessment of the options in terms of costs and benefits, the vital importance of energy management and maintenance, in-store positioning and smart system management. There will also be presentations about experiences in integrated HVAC&R systems engineering and a discussion about its implications with regard to technical management.