By APCI - Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani in collaboration with Italian Gourmet and  
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5 days of live lectures animated by top professionals in the sector. Lots of different formulas will be used to propose an excellent level of catering suited to different formats: from Breakfast as an opportunity for doing business, to cooking for Catering, Banqueting, Restaurants and Hotels. Of course, pastries had to get a mention: we see how master pastry chefs combine sweet food and health. The national team of APCI CHEF ITALIA  proposes regional cuisine applied to the themes of the individual days, according to the laws of sustainability, in line with the aims of #Expo2015.  All of this will be seasoned with numerous case histories  which, using the Toc Talks formula with regard to expertise in providing good hospitality, will result in a clever mix  of culture, trends, lifestyles and professional skills. The moderator will be an important food blogger.