By Identita’ Golose and Host
Pav. 4
A project focusing on the evolution of cooking and pastry making which follows not so much the evolution of the actual recipes and tastes, but rather the technologies which have dominated that evolution in the last few years, and imagining what the scenario will be like in the future. All of this with 3 appointments per day that will feature two interpreters for each event (an expert on the subject who will illustrate it and a chef who will provide actual examples), tastings, in relation to the machines or techniques used, and a new ingredient introduced to a traditional recipe in order to give it new zest, rather than using it to create something innovative, regardless of the technology used.

After all, it is becoming increasingly obvious that the kitchens of great chefs are no longer just laboratories where the most innovative ideas are put into practice. The most highly evolved techniques, technologies and tools are also used in real life. Just as, in Formula One, where the most advanced solutions tested on racing cars are later applied to everyday cars, the future of cooking is created behind the scenes in Michelin-starred restaurants and, later, enters into how we cook every day in our homes.

In the words of one of the characters created by writer Daniel Pennac: “If, today, people don’t eat people, it’s simply because cooking has come a very long way!”. So, in other words, we’ll be revealing the most recent developments in cooking.