Double leadership for excellence in innovation, Host and Identità Golose

Organized By Identità Golose
Host2013 will witness the involvement of a double dose of excellence in the various events planned in collaboration with Identità Golose – theInternationalChefCongress.
Live cooking
isin the spotlight for a really star-quality cooking show, with the participation of top Italian and international chefs – in IdentitàGolose’s portfolio we have names such as Carlo Cracco, Claudio Sadler, Jordi Vilà and Rodrigo Oliveira -  plus the presence of the most innovative Ho.Re.Ca businesses from around the globe, who come to Host every two years to present a preview of their newest and best ideas. Real deal top technological chefs who “cook” using those innovative techniques, such as vacuum-sealed cooking, inventing increasingly original and creative dishes. Host and Identità Golose will be a unique live experience for identifying catering market hot trends, in addition to seeing the hands of top chefs in action.