Sweet World

Organized by GAT

SweetWorld will transport visitors to Host through a planetarium of perfumes, food & wine, a journey that will include the traditional and the scientific. The area will also host the largest coffee shop in the world, a perfect replica of Caffè Pedrocchi with a view of Padova in the background.

Regards gelato, long ago perfumes and forgotten flavours, the meeting of gastronomic cultures undecided between science and tradition and excellent raw ingredients are all at  Sweet World where emphasis is put on diverse interpretations on an international scale regards ice cream and patisserie, with the help of specialists and professionals.
Highlighting quality in order to create synergy between ice cream manufacturers and businesses: Host literally becomes a workspace which, in the face of globalisation regards flavours and tastes, means to highlight differences by creating opportunities for exchanging know-how through events and competitions organised in conjunction with GAT and ARTGLACE, Confederazione delle Associazioni dei Gelatieri Artigiani Europei (Confederation of associations of European hand-made ice cream makers).
9 teams from 9 nations will enter into battle, and each will present 6 new gelato flavours using typical ingredients from their home countries.