News of the World 2017

What are the latest bizzarre food trends? From the coconut sugar to the aloe water this article shows some innovations in the food world. Suggested by Leiti Hsu.
Shake Shack paved the path. And now fine dining chefs everybody from Josh Skenes to Jose Andres to Daniel Patterson and Roy Choi are moving into fast casual, because everybody deserves better-for-you food, anytime, anywhere. Suggested by Leiti Hsu.
Blue Hill Stone Barns makes vegetable yogurt. So versatile and delicious; if you can't go for the tasting menu, you can still get beet or parsnip (my favorite flavors) savory yogurt in the dairy aisle. Suggested by Leiti Hsu.
A new gourmet experience designed by Jinsoo An for people that are on diet or have an allergy: the virtual dining reality experience. Fragrances that simulates the food perfume with the aim to made people satisfied even if they haven't eaten. Suggested by Leiti Hsu.
An eco-substainable restaurant where everything is made in a greenhouse: a new experience for the customers  
starting from harvesting and finishing to the service. Suggested by Leiti Hsu.

The Future of Iced Coffee
Blue Bottle scaling their retail products, keeping quality and deliciousness.
Suggested by Leiti Hsu

The Coravin is prevalent in NYC's top establishments: NY Sushi Ko, The Nomad, Mulino a Vino just to name a few. Invented in the USA, I think what's coolest about it is enabling younger, more adventurous drinkers willing to spend for one glass to taste wines of renown and age that would not otherwise be as readily available.  Suggested by Leiti Hsu

Food delivery is a big part of the lives of time-crunched young professionals and families in America's big cities. Here's how GrubHub+Seamless (merged in 2013) scaled their business to 600 cities and 30,000 restaurants. Suggested by Leiti Hsu

In NYC, SF, LA and beyond, restaurants (and even retail locations such as Whole Foods BK) feature adjoining, rooftop or nearby gardens and employ foliage, both for sight and taste. The secret garden underneath the 2*Michelin Atera in TriBeCa NYC is perhaps the most intriguing of all of them. Suggested by Leiti Hsu

Food safety and the recent listeria outbreak
Jeni Britton Bauer, cookbook author and owner of the beloved and successful Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, was forced to destroy $2.5 million 265 tons worth of existing stock after a listeria outbreak. Just a reminder how one contaminated carton and put a halt to a business, no matter if you're big, medium or small. Suggested by Leiti Hsu
Small food makers gaining share quickly
Big food makers are losing market share to smaller players. In the past, it would take at least a decade for a company to gain traction, and these days small food producers can enter the market through contract manufacturing, digital marketing and social media without huge ad budgets. Suggested by Leiti Hsu

Some restaurant industry trends in this piece worth noting: the booth is back, noticed a new NYC hotspots Upland and Little Park, whether most of the seating in these luxe, grown-up spaces are banquettes. Also noted: ropes to decorate nautically driven aesthetics; rustic, handpainted plates; custom light fixtures; top-notch art adorning restaurant walls; tropical leaf wallpaper; postcards-as-check-presenters; food halls;new-school-butchers-that-double-as-restaurants; and new-school breweries. Suggested by Leiti Hsu

An in-depth look at the evolution of communal tables. Is it a good or bad for restaurants and diners? On one hand, restaurants can do more covers. Diners may like the social interaction, or do they? Is it too close for comfort, especially when you're paying $30-some dollars for an entree? Suggested by Leiti Hsu


A big opening in Nagasaki next weekend: Henn-na Hotel, a location staffed entirely by robots. From the reception to the service, everything will be technological and customer oriented with the consequence of reducing operational costs and improving efficiency. Suggested by Melinda Joe.
Ramen home delivery remains popular in Japan, and the company Takumen, which delivers frozen noodles and prepared soups with toppings from various shops around the country, is the most famous provider. If you order by 9 a.m., you can your package the next day. Earlier this year, the company expanded to Singapore, opening its first brick-and-mortar shop featuring six different restaurants on Circular Road. Suggested by Melinda Joe.

Earlier this month, Narita airport added a new terminal specifically for budget travelers using low-cost carriers (which have been expanding in Japan). The stylish new terminal features running-track floors and cool but comfortable lounge couches. The space was designed on a tight budget by architecture firm Nikkei Sekkei, with furnishings by Ryohin Keikaku, a division of the popular interior brand Muji. Suggested by Melinda Joe
Japan's largest sushi chain, Sushiro, turned to design firm Nendo, the team behind the look of retail shops like Issey Miyake and Camper for a complete brand makeover. The company recently launched a casual-chic restaurant called Tsumamigui in the hip neighborhood of Nakameguro, replacing Sushiro's brash lighting and utilitarian interior for sleek modern decor and inviting spot lights, in hopes of appealing to younger women with disposable income. Suggested by Melinda Joe
The shop caught the eye of Wallpaper, which ran this blurb in English. Suggested by Melinda Joe
Great piece on the craft beer movement in Japan. Sales of craft brews are continuing to rise. As conventional beer sales slide, even the big four major producers (Asahi, Kirin, Sappori, and Suntory) are releasing their own "craft" versions. Suggested by Melinda Joe
Last year, unagi (eel) was declared to be on the brink of extinction, sparking major concerns among restaurants specializing in the dish (not to mention the fishermen and likely the eels themselves). Now a Japanese seafood company is proposing to create a substitute for unagi -- made from catfish. Suggested by Melinda Joe

The controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement -- which involves a number of countries, such as the US, Canada, Japan, and Australia -- is finally moving forward. The pact will eliminate tariffs on goods traded in the Pacific Rim and is poised to impact prices on one of Japan’s most famous foods: sushi. Many popular varieties of fish, such as salmon and sea urchin, are imported from countries like Chile and the US. Nearly all of the duties on around 350 seafood products will be cut once the TPP takes effect. Suggested by Melinda Joe
Due to popular demand, global ice cream maker Haagen-Daz is re-introducing a small line of mochi (rice-cake) ice creams flavored with traditional Japanese sweets, such as kinako (roasted soybean flour), kuromitsu (black sugar syrup), and sweet soy glaze. The trend is consistent with the recent boom in Japanese-flavored Western/hybrid confections.Suggested by Melinda Joe

As a follow up to concerns about the food self-sufficiency ratio, the Japanese government has begun throwing support behind eggs with pale white yolks. The "white-on-white" eggs are produced by chickens fed with rice, rather than imported grains like corn. Sounds interesting, but I've heard from a friend who raises chickens that feeding chickens rice will not necessarily result in white yolks... Suggested by Melinda Joe

The latest issue of Japanese food publication Ryori Tsushin (The Cuisine Magazine) focuses on pizza in the first half of the magazine. Unfortunately, you can't view the articles online, but the main topic is the rise "new-style" non-traditional pizza restaurants. Two of the places featured are Slice in Shibuya, which serves NY-style slices, and Yakitate Pizza Sano in Meguro, a pizza stand serving individual-size pizzas with some Japanese toppings such as Teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise. Suggested by Melinda Joe


This is the short eating out guide I wrote for my blog on my trip to Shanghai last year. This is an impressive city with a lot of restaurants: a mixture of western and eastern style. Suggested by Qin Xie.
In 2013 China surpassed France to become the world's top consumer of red wine - a 136-per-cent increase in only five years, according to Vinexpo, the industry group that hosts the world's largest wine and spirits fair. Suggested by Qin Xie.
What are the best street food in Shangai? This article is a guide for experts: you can find chinese specialities and food truck addresses. Suggested by Qin Xie.

China steps up its food safety law. China is updating its food safety law for the first time since 2009, in what is hailed as the harshest food safety regulation in China so far. The 2015 Food Safety Law will have a significant impact on both domestic and foreign firms involved in food business in China. Suggested by Qin Xie.
InterContinental Hotels Group has launched Zhou Dao, its global China Ready Programme for hotels around the world. Suggested by Qin Xie.

The World's 50 Best Restaurants was unveiled this week with a new entry into the top 50 by Ultraviolet in Shanghai.
The other big story affecting HORECA is the smoking ban in Beijing which is affecting many restaurants.
China is updating its food safety law for the first time since 2009. The new food safety law will take effect on October 1, 2015.
InterContinental Hotels Group has launched Zhou Dao, its global China Ready Programme for hotels around the world. InterContinental Hotel rolls out its Chinese hospitality program.

Bread is becoming an increasing part of the Chinese diet, at least for the young. Suggested by Qin Xie

How one restaurateur is bringing Chinese fine dining to London. Suggested by Qin Xie

Celebrity endorsement hold little sway in Asia, except in China, for restaurants. Suggested by Qin Xie

Chinese cucumber salad become trendy new dish in New York. Suggested by Qin Xie

On how China is seeing a growing number of coffee shops. Suggested by Qin Xie
How a Chinese pizza chain is trying to be sustainable. Suggested by Qin Xie


Vegan lifestyle is one of the major trend in Germany: more than 1,5% of German people refuse to eat meat. 
This trend has lot of repercussion in the restaurant sector: statistics report that there are a lot of new openings around the country. Suggested By Stefan Maiwald
A Global Consumer Research asked 24.000 clients in 33 countries – Germans are the most demanding customers of all. They especially like fast and uncomplicated booking and payment methods . Suggested by Stefan Maiwland

High-end restaurants in Hamburg ask guests who reserve a table but do not show up a fine from up to 85 Euro per guest from 2015 on – a highly discussed subject in these days. Suggested by Stefan Maiwland

Zurichs trendiest place: It is a penthouse with several rooms that serve different purposes: lounge, cocktail bar, restaurant, dance floor. Guests feel like real guests. Fascinating! Suggested by Stefan Maiwland
Scandinavian Hospitality Management (SHM) is a hotel management and development company. The team consists of experienced hoteliers that work together to support our real estate partners during the entire cycle of hotel development and to operate hotels in such a way to bring long-term success to the project. Suggested by Stefan Maiwland

Two-star Michelin chef Norbert Niederkofler from the restaurant “St. Hubertus” in San Cassiano in South Tyrol has introduced a new concept called “Quo Vadis” – together with biologists, food experts, farmers and historians of the region, he tries to create menus for tomorrow. How will we eat in 10, 20 years? Some of his suggestions are already on the menu. Suggested by Stefan Maiwland

The German government has started an initiative to prevent the waste of food – up to 60 percent of all produced food lands in the garbage. The government tries to involve everyone in this initiative, from the producers to the hotels, the restaurants, the clients, the supermarkets… Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.
An interesting article that caused a lot of stir: How some food bloggers and other internet stars spread strange half-knowledge about healthy eating – up to the point of putting lives in danger. Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.

Food trucks (finally!) arrive in Germany! The most famous one is the »Isardogs« in Munich – gourmet hot dogs creatd by stellar chef Patrick Coudert and served out of an old UPS truck. Try the »Mr. Miyagi« with Wasabi! Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.

Truman Show, anyone? »Tropical Islands« are one of Germany’s favourite travel destinations – gigantic water parks in closed halls with sand, palm trees and even hotel rooms.  Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.

Very inspiring: The ten best design hotels in the mountains. Who could better rate them than Architectural Digest Germany? Check out this 2015 list and enjoy the stunning pics! Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.
No more dieting! René Redzepi, one of the most famous chefs of the world (“Noma”), issued via Twitter a powerful statement in favour of good, delicious and fat food. He just needed ONE picture to prove his point. Check it out! Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.
Now this is going to be a fantastic debate in the next weeks. Austrian star chef Sarah Wiener attacks the vegan lifestyle: “Soy latte is as artificial as Coca-Cola”, she said. Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.

“Black elephant gold”: Luxury coffee from Thailand is made of elephant poop. Suggested by Stefan Maiwland.


Food and style together in a packaging project: Versace Eggs, Tiffany Yogurt, Chanel infant formula are only few of the innovations made for the exhibition during Expo 2015. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli.
The real recipe of Neapolitan pizza according to Enzo Coccia from Naples. The video of ItaliaSquisita is important since it has surclassed the one published by Giallo Zafferano in just one year. Professionality, passion and real tradition are sometimes stronger than web marketing! Suggested by Carlo Spinelli

Philarmonica, the distribution company which deals in selecting and distributing champagne, Italian and imported wines and top-quality distillates exclusively for the HORECA channel in Italy, is opening its doors to an innovative, original product: Er Boquerón, the first and only artisanal beer made with sea water. The beer, which has proved to be a smash hit in Spain, will also soon be available in Italy. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
A new frontier in social eating in Milan: pizza sharing at Briscola.
Guests of the venue have the chance to taste several different types of pizza, sliced into four pieces (18-20 cm) and served on communal plates.
All washed down with a mug of beer. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli

An interesting experiment to help haute cuisine evolve and open its mind: on July 9th 37 of the best chefs of the planet will be swapping lives, identities and restaurants, in order to bring their experiences in new locations with new customers.
Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
The video recipe of the dish “ZAFFERANO BIANCO, ORO E RISO” (White and Golden Saffron and Rice) by Davide Oldani for ExpoMilano2015.
Suggested by Carlo Spinelli

The relationship between food and design. A video on oranges (the most  popular food in the world), following Bruno Munari’s literary inspirations. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
Beppe Severgnini talks about Italy, Italians and Expo 2015 in The New York Times. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli

Food valleys form networks and find success abroad Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
“Italy, food for the mind is served”: the Culture Ministry’s ad. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
Hospitality Day: the third edition of the hospitality training workshop in Riccione. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
An interesting blog on the future of bread, also in terms of food design and food service. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
Tourism and the food supply chain, a winning combination for creating employment and redeveloping local areas. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
Milan, a new 5-star hotel will open in the Galleria with just a few rooms, featuring excellent service in the city’s “sitting room”. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
Food Design: 1st European Conference in Milan. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
The 35 most expensive tasting menus on the planet, ranked. When locations, sensory-inspired tasting methods and refined design create demand and bring in higher level clients. Suggested by Carlo Spinelli
Is the opening of Massimo Bottura’s Refettorio in Milan an example that all restaurant and hospitality businesses should follow in the near future? Suggested by Carlo Spinelli

The attitude of server is the first quality for the right customer service in a restaurant.
This article shows  two examples of good and bad restaurant experiences by the point of view of two groups of customers. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar

Honestly, pubs and microbreweries aside, Bengaluru’s vibrant eating out culture definitely owes something to the quaint cafés that dot the city. And we are not even talking chains or the generic joints with the same music and décor, but the ones that are built with thought. So if you have not checked these places out already, I suggest you do. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar
What comes to your mind when we say Diwali? You are right, food. The best thing about Indian festivals is the variety of food available across the country. But, do you know what’s eaten during the festivities in our different states? On our latest edition of Adda With Kalyan, IFN’s Editor-at-Large, Kalyan Karmakar gets talking to food bloggers and home chefs to understand Diwali food traditions across communities like Maharashtrian, Gujarati, Punjabi and the Brahmins of Karnataka. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar
Italians are known for their incredible contribution to art, architecture and history. Personally, I think their greatest contribution to the world is their culinary one. More than any other dish, it is their pizza that is universally loved. The American Italians made is so famous that you now get your choice of pizza at almost every restaurant. Mumbai has plenty of pizza joints – some good, some bad and some terribly ugly. While it is a personal choice, we picked a few places across the city that we know will not let you down.Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar
One of the best dishes to indulge in is a salad. It tends to be so underrated, as most people think of salads as a means to diet or eat healthy. While they are excellent lifestyle choices, salads are so much more than just that. Chefs and restaurants both have come a long way from the typical Waldorf or Greek salad. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar

Adda With Kalyan: Is TV Keeping Chefs Away From The Kitchen? #Hangout. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar
There is a charming cunningness in the cuisine at Amaranta at The Oberoi, Gurgaon. A certain delicious deception. It manipulates the mouth. Like a magician does.Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar

Mumbai is a city that is blessed being so close to the sea. Worli sea face, the Marine Drive promenade, Nariman Point, the stretch near the Gateway of India are all treasured areas in the city as they are right next to the sea and all boast of a beautiful sight. A lot of restaurants have planted themselves in these strategic locations so that they can boast of a spectacular view. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar
Italy Comes to India - Its hard not to fall in love with Italian food –the simple cooking techniques, abundant use of fresh ingredients and delicate flavours. If you haven’t yet tried authentic Italian food, we aren’t surprised, but you’re a lot closer to trying it. Suggested by Kalyan Karmakar



External or built-in cold? The choice is yours. According to sanctions and economic situation restaurants & restaurateurs had to find new products on local market. This is not a secret that before august 2014 almost products were imported from EU. Now the restaurants had to find new suppliers for their business. Suggested by Alena Melnikova
New products, ways of cooking in 2015. In this case new trend for restaurants were build. Now it is time for new restaurant concepts such as gastro-bars with less seats (around 50-70) and more democratic prices. Value for money comes to the stage. Suggested by Alena Melnikova



A truly inspirations blog from GE featuring first a person “farm to table” food storytelling using GE Appliances. The contents of this blog, feature photography, video and text, all focused on real persons telling their own personal story. While cooking a recipe Noble and Amara show and tell us just how much GE allows them to fully make use of their culinary skills to produce great food. Suggested by Nelson Carvalheiro.
Featuring food and cuisine stories Gaggenau has made its “Essays on Culture & Lifestyle” blog into a mecca for food inspiration, design and information. It is not about featuring their products, with most of the content not having any Gaggenau reference at all. It a pure food inspiration platform, where customer can read and see food related stories and just how much “food world” there is out there to be discovered. Suggested by Nelson Carvalheiro.

A true benchmark in the field of frozen dairy brand blogs, the Ice Cream Journal from Pennsylvania’s own Turkey Hill has been able to take its website to the top of the google ranking pages. It’s no fuss, simple and information driven go-to approach to ice cream and diary related online content has users coming back every week for more info on their favourite product and brand. Suggested by Nelson Carvalheiro.
A case study in ice-cream marketing, New Zealand frozen dairy products brand Tip Top is embracing a psychological summer campaign designed to show the positive psychological effects of frozen dairy products in its consumers. It is offering its customers the opportunity to ask someone a question through the surprising medium of an ice cream stick. They reckon people who Feel Tip Top Suggested by Nelson Carvalheiro.

Still a family business since its foundation in 1944, FEB has always associated its coffees as the persecutors for inspiration. All blends are pretty much roasted manually and by the guidance of the same family experience that made this brand a symbol of the decentralization of entrepreneurship in the post WWII Portugal. It has the honour of providing the batches for some of Portugal’s flagship Cafés like the Majestic in Porto, the Brasileira, the Nicola and the Martinho da Arcada in Lisbon and the Santa Cruz in Coimbra. Suggested by Nelson Carvalheiro.
Sical is intimately related with the social aspect of sharing a cup of coffee, as its owner founded the company in 1947 as a way to fit a growing demand for pure roasted coffee as a social beverage. Since then Sical has always been equal to boutique roasted coffees, where one can taste its slogan of being close to the origins in the superior quality of their blends. Its symbol is a “baiana” woman from the Brazilian city of Bahia, as a direct link to the principal source of the coffee it sells being from Brazil. Suggested by Nelson Carvalheiro.


Brazil - South America

Panama is establishing an international reputation as a great specialty coffee exporter. 30% of t Panamanian coffee exported in 2014 was specialty coffee. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
There is a worldwide tendency for producing healthy beverages, low in calories and high in antioxidantes. In Peru this year there is an increase in sales for ready–to-drink teas. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi

 Scientists at Poli USP University in São Paulo have invented a revolutionary water heating system using heat generated by commercial fridges. Such heat is normally wasted, but this new technology can capture energy generated in electric fridges inside restaurants and within industry. A big step into sustainable hospitality. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
The trend of recycling art and design objects has increased in the last few years. In Manaus, a recent fair displayed a collection of products using recycled materials, including tablecloths and rugs. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi

Delicatessen shops in Peru are investing now in local gourmet products, promoting more awareness of localism and of the origin and quality of Peruvian produce. Instead of restricting interest to international gourmet foods and beverages, Peruvian food lovers are now becoming more interested in products of Peru. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
The great international interest in Colombian chocolate helped growers formerly producing coca to switch to cacao instead, using natural methods and forming cooperatives.Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Pizza is one of the favourite dishes of Argentinians. According to a recent survey, 6 in 10 Argentinians eat pizza at least once a week, almost making pizza a national dish of Argentina! Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
There is a new trend in new luxury residential buildings in the US (spreading also to Latin American countries) of opening a coffee house inside the building itself.  These coffee houses use Latin American coffee and Latin American gourmet blends! Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Argentina has become the winner of the Latin American Championship in ice cream for the second time. Its secret weapon was an ice cream made with bread and also a chocolate ice sculpture. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Medellin is experiencing a big change in the bakery scene. Five years ago, an Argentinian baker arrived in the city and started a revolution, creating artisan bread. Now, Colombians are becoming every day more interested in artisan bread and local bakers have started to change their repertoire too. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi

Because of irregular weather conditions, Brazilian coffee production will suffer a reduction in 2016/2017 Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
A new model of business is growing in Sao Paulo –Drive-Thru Bakeries Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
A bakery chain in São Paulo has created an annual festival to celebrate one of the most loved pastries by Brazilians – empadas. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
The World Cup of Bakery 2016 is will take place in Paris and Brasil is the only country to represent Latin America. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi,2b633188601e9ed6feaa194829979f63vyjcRCRD.html
Giant pizzas with toppings of homemade dishes drew public attention to a pizzeria in Guarujá, São Paulo. For purists it is a crime against the holy classic pizza, for others, a clever idea. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Nostalgic homemade ice cream sandwiches and ice cream on a stick are the “new-old trend” as dessert in restaurants and at home. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi,,EMI69103-16933,00-GELADOS+DE+VERAO.html

A delivery pizza service developed an app allowing people to order pizza even without internet access Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Even with a financial crisis in the country, ceramic artisans are expecting to sell more than ever before. In the restaurant business, chefs are getting more interested in unique pieces and exclusive dishes. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Furniture designers protest about the sale of fakes. Pirate design furniture is becoming an increasing problem around the world and restaurants must be careful before purchasing designer pieces. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
The love for pets is inspiring new and successful business models, such as this Pet Bakery, offering even panettone, muffins and ice cream for dogs! Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
With the increasing interest in healthy and ethical options, the largest producer of glass jars in the world is linking with restaurants that promote sustainable solutions – jam jar as glass is ‘cool’ now! Suggested by Luciana Bianchi

A small patisserie managed to become successful in a few months thanks to the social networks – Facebook and Instagram as an effective marketing tool for small businesses. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
A group of friends opened a ‘zen pizzeria’ using organic products and alternative baking methods Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Fashion designer created a label, changing the classic look of chefs and waiters and offering exclusive designs with a trendy look. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi

Colombia: Severe drought threatens prized coffee crops in Colombia. Coffee growers in the Colombian Andes say a drought caused by the El Nino weather phenomenon is threatening their crops, providing some of the world's most prized coffee beans. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Argentina: Even with high inflation, bakers decided not to raise the price of bread Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Quito, Ecuador: Low calorie desserts are the secret weapon of Spanish chef, Javier Aguillen. He presented in Quito a whole line of light desserts fit for the local market. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Lima, Peru: The vegetarian Pizzeria, Veggie Pizza, win the prize of Creative Business 2015 and plans are afoot to open a new restaurant in Cuzco. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Lima, Peru: A new French bakery opens its doors in Lima, but with a new philosophy blending French and Peruvian influences and products. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Empanadas are a national obsession in many Latin American countries. In Santiago, Chile, a group of specialists have decided to make a blind tasting to discover the best empanada in the city. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Bogota, Colombia: Colombia imports 99% of the wheat and 70% of the corn used in the country. With high inflation, bread and arepas, part of the staple diet of Colombians, are facing a unexpected increase in price. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Guayaquil, Ecuador: According to the Ministry of Agriculture, cocoa farms in the regions of Los Ríos, Guayas y Manabí are in a state of emergency because of weather conditions that are causing damage to the trees. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Bogota, Colombia: At the Container Zone, the nitrogen ice cream shop and exciting concepts of Latin American style fast food are becoming a great success. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Argentina: Designers are creating alternative and artistic functional pieces using broken and old dishes and cutlery. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi

Cartagena de las Indias, Colombia: Fine artisan ice cream is rare in Colombia. In Cartagena, a family business is proud to advertise the quality of their product - approved even by Barack Obama! Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Mexico, DF: Interested in reviving artisan methods in patisseries, the pastry shop Da Silva, is aiming to be the largest of its kind to work only with natural products.  It expects to open many new businesses in the years to come. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Lima, Peru: Christmas is coming and the panettone business is getting creative and healthy! Suggested by Luciana Bianchi
Danlí, El Paraiso, Honduras: With the help of private companies from Italy and England, the Association for Peace in Honduras has created a pilot project of bakery inside a prison to help convicts to find rehabilitation through baking bread. Suggested by Luciana Bianchi


United Arab Emirates

This article talks about the performance in hotels in 2014 and provides stats in UAE Suggested by Judy Sebastian
This article talks about the rise of Japanese cuisine and how it's slowly spreading in UAE. Suggested by Judy Sebastian

Camel milk ice cream hits the market. Suggested by Judy Sebastian

ROGO's - UAE's first roller coaster restaurant opens in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Suggested by Judy Sebastian

New F and B concept - Play. The idea behind Play is to offer guests a place where they can experience extraordinary cuisine and a space that is always the source of fond memories. Suggested by Judy Sebastian
Top chefs make a mark in Dubai at the Italian Cuisine World Summit 2015. Suggested by Judy Sebastian

Over a hundred more restaurants are set to set up in Abu Dhabi by 2018. Suggested by Judy Sebastian

Italian cuisine is gaining popularity in Dubai. Margherita Pizzeria has a proud moment with new launch. Suggested by Judy Sebastian

F and B leaders talk about innovation in food. Suggested by Judy Sebastian
The Chef and Ingredients round up. Suggested by Judy Sebastian



Move over coconut water, maple water is the new nutrient-packed drink in canada. Not only because it is local, but also because of other four great reasons: It’s the perfect post-workout drink; it fights wrinkles; it’s good for kids; you can cook with it. Suggested by Enrico Cleva
Sitting in a Café is quite a big deal in Canada, this article is all about new ways of having a coffee. New trends in cafe culture: Cats, kids and more. Suggested by Enrico Cleva

The BBQ isn’t just the main cooking tool in Canada. It can also be a status symbol. Every Canadian has a gas grill in his backyard, and these are grills that would be enormous for our standards. Here’s a look at some of the most expensive and trendiest models. Suggested by Enrico Cleva
Here is how Canadians are reinventing and reinterpreting traditional recipes for pasta and pizza, adapting these dishes to local tastes and trends. Price and availability of ingredients are factors that are important for those in the restaurant industry. Some of the solutions that restaurants are coming up with to keep their businesses in line with the times include adapting to local tastes and using different ingredients, even “kilometre-zero” ones. Suggested by Enrico Cleva

BrandSpark launched its inaugural Best New Menu Item (BNMI) Awards last year to celebrate great new menu items that restaurants are launching. Another goal of the program — with items voted on entirely by consumers — is to learn exactly why consumers love these menu items so much.  Suggested by Enrico Cleva
From the goat cheese and beet-flavoured macaron to coup de coeur and “button” cookies; dessert is the focus of Montreal's new scene.Suggested by Enrico Cleva
From the latest trend in South Korea  Taiwan and California, recently Vancouver foodies finally got a taste of the soft serve ice cream topped with honeycomb with the opening of Soft Peaks Ice Cream. Suggested by Enrico Cleva

The latest trends in pizza cheese plus inventive sauces and toppings, creative crust and rustic preparation. Suggested by Enrico Cleva

Beet ice cream, red-pepper sorbet: Yes, vegetables are now the stars of your favourite frozen treat. Suggested by Enrico Cleva
Herbal heaven: the other cup of tea. Two different options: caffeine free rooibos and yerba mate. Suggested by Enrico Cleva

From luxury hotels like King Edward Hotel and Shangri-La Hotel to Library Bar and Bistro; the Best Afternoon Tea in Toronto. and the best tea houses   in Vancouver: Suggested by Enrico Cleva  

The last menu trend in Canada: creating a dinner party menu with hors d'oeuvres, small plates and petite desserts.Suggested by Enrico Cleva

Quinoa, seaweed and kale: The Globe taste tests “healthy” chips.Suggested by Enrico Cleva


An expert tea tasting in London has found the perfect glass for fine artisan tea is the Riedel O Cabernet glass. Suggested by Rachel Walker
The Whitechapel Gallery Dining Room is partnering with Rare Tea Company for an exclusive evening of tea tasting.Suggested by Rachel Walker
Herewith 30 London restaurants you should be visiting/snapping/following! Suggested by Rachel Walker

With wines by-the-glass the essential element for all decent restaurantsand bars, what’s the best way of keeping the ravages of time at bay? Susanna Forbes and a team of tasters put wine preservers to the test Suggested by Rachel Walker 
Coravin is a new needle-through-the-cork system that is already revolutionising the way we drink wine. Margaret Rand explains how it works, while Christelle Guibert introduces a series of Decanter tests to put Coravin through its paces... Suggested by Rachel Walker
Move, over pizza: it's all about Turkish pide now. Suggested by Rachel Walker
Government and health charities have been doling out duff healthy eating advice for decades, but when are they going to admit it? That's the question raised by the remarks of cardiologist Aseem Malhotra, whowriting in the BMJ has challenged the orthodoxy that the consumption of foods containing saturated fat, such as butter and red meat, causes heart disease. Suggested by Rachel Walker



Australia’s favourite coffee is a latte, followed by espresso, flat white, cappuccino and long black respectively. Yelp calculated the frequency of reviews that mention a type of coffee out of all reviews in a given city. Suggested by Christine Salins
What do you get when you take Melbourne’s most talented bar minds and install them in a city bar with a jukebox, craft beers, hard liquor, a 3am licence and a pool table? Heartbreaker is an LA-inspired bar with craft beer taps and high quality spirits including a strong whisky collection and left-of-centre tequilas and mescals. Suggested by Christine Salins
How do you feed an expanding population when there's a finite amount of farmable land in the world? Scientists are coming up with all sorts of solutions, and some of them are stranger than you might think. Suggested by Christine Salins
Food blogger Mel Kettle took to social media to voice her dismay at Chinese garlic being sold in an Australian farmer’s market, prompting a debate about the integrity of the farmers market movement. Suggested by Christine Salins.

The Master of Gastronomic Tourism offered by Australia’s Southern Cross University in conjunction with Le Cordon Bleu combines an academic approach to understanding food and drink within historical, cultural and contemporary contexts. The program is the only post-graduate degree of its kind in Australia and because the entire course is delivered online, it can be undertaken from anywhere in the world. Suggested by Christine Salins.

Gin is enjoying a resurgence in the Australian bar scene. A focus on craft distillers and a renewed appreciation for the spirit's unique flavour has seen gin shed its dusty image and step into the limelight. Suggested by Christine Salins.



This article in a major Turkish newspaper, discusses the role of technology and coffee machines when in comes to Turkish coffee. Companies like Arçelik and Arzum have introduced Turkish coffee machines that make it easier for hotels and restaurants to serve it to larger groups, as well as helping international customers adopt Turkish coffee. Suggested by Cemre Narin.
This article gives details on Specialty Turkish coffee, as well as an interview with the award winning Turgay Yıldızlı and steps to brewing a proper cup. Suggested by Cemre Narin.
Visibility of local products is increasing rapidly. This article is about Metro’s support of local products.Suggested by Cemre Narin.
Regional differences in Turkish cuisine. Suggested by Cemre Narin.

This article highlights Juico, one of the most successful Turkish cold-pressed juice brands. Although only in its second year, Juico gets 20,000 visitors per month on its website. Its rapidly rising sales is an indication of the market potential in Turkey. Suggested by Cemre Narin.
This is another article on the popularity of cold-pressed juice shops in Turkey. Aylin Erman, founder of the newly established brand JÜS Istanbul, talks about why cold pressed juice is the hot new item in Turkey. Suggested by Cemre Narin.

An article on old preserving methods and a recap of the G20 Summit from a gastronomic point of view. Suggested by Cemre Narin.
A look into traditional and modern meyhanes. Suggested by Cemre Narin.


South Korea

 Chuseok: Korea’s Harvest Holiday was in full swing from September 26-29th. This blog post perfectly explains in pictures what the holiday is like via pictures of the food, the shopping, and the food. It was one of the featured posts in Korea’s Naver cafe that got the most views for the week. Suggested Daniel Gray

Autumn favorite foods made in Korean ceramic bowls. This magazine article shows Koreas love of seasonal foods and of their heavy ceramic cooking pots that are also used to serve the food at the table. Suggested Daniel Gray

Asia’s appetite for bread and pastries boosting global wheat demand For a country that believes that rice is the meal, they spent $5.37billion dollars last year on bread products. Bread in the past was considered a snack so bread and wheat foods to be considered a meal, is quite interesting. Suggested Daniel Gray

Korea’s self-employed ranks swell Most business workers in Korea are forced to retire early so many are going into business for themselves. The businesses that people typically start are: cafes, pizza shops, fried chicken restaurants, bakeries and pasta shops. They are always looking for stores that can make food with minimal staff and have high margins. I think the vendors at host should target these types of entrepreneurs.Suggested Daniel Gray
Cutting down on the spice, South Korea cheese imports soar as trade deals open door 50 years ago, cheese and milk were considered taboo foods since people consuming these were considered to uncouth for they were stealing the milk from calves. Now cheese is on everything. Restaurants that can melt it and make and oozy as possible can make big bucks.Suggested Daniel Gray
At Korean buffets, the big fish eat the small Big business hurting small business owners is always a hot issue in Korea. Now it seems like big business is starting up all you can eat Korean food buffets and they are putting dozens of small eateries out of business. They might end up making a rule about who can start up these types of businesses like they did about bread franchises in the past.Suggested Daniel Gray