Host Ambassador 2017

Alena Melnikova


Alena Melnikova is one of leading PR specialists on Russian food scene with more than 10 years experience, foodie, writer. 
Her social networks are telling about restaurants, chefs, travellings, food and everything connected to food.


Alessia Bianchi


Class of 1975, she is originally from a small village on the shores of Lake Como, where culture and tradition are handed down from generation to generation. She has a degree in Philosophy and a huge passion for food and wine. When she organises dinners with friends and relatives, she likes to re-create an Ancient Greek Symposium, a place where good food and wine accompany discussion between the fellow diners. She has a motto: “Vino sors lenitur dura! …And beer too!”
After 12 years in Human Resources, she decided to change course and has now been the manager of the “Dolcezze di Nonna Papera” (Food, Wine & Beverage with Grandma Duck) blog since 2011. She has become a renowned Food Writer (cited in Italy’s top 10) and now works freelance as a Content Editor, Web and Social Media Manager and in the Digital PR sector for chefs, producers and food and wine portals.

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Chennai Foody


Dr. Wasim Mohideen, a wellness physician by profession is out to tell the world that good food and good health are not mutually exclusive. With degrees in both allopathy and alternative medicine, Dr. Wasim combines the best of both modern and traditional medical practices to keep his patients healthy. With food being a very important part in wellbeing, he writes about food and wellness in his blogs. A passionate writer, with a published book about his patients, he writes about food in his hugely popular blog, Chennai Foody. What started off as an outlet for writing, Chennai Foody is the oldest and best food blogs in Chennai and is among the top food blogs in India. With his work and passion taking him to many places, the blog talks about food experiences from India and around the world.

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Daniel Gray

South Korea

Daniel Gray is a Korean-American Adoptee that returned to Korea in 2005 to rediscover his roots. He is a Korean food expert that has appeared on Bizarre Foods, Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain, the New York Times and more. He is the president of Delectable Travels: A Curated Food Travel and Events Company and owns two restaurants: Brew 3.14 and Brew 3.15 in Seoul.

Company: Delectable Travels (


Dave Turner

United States

Dave Turner is an American editor and chief evangelist for A non-traditional journalist, Turner’s background comes as a background as a tabletop category marketer with companies like Villeroy & Boch, Woodmere China, and Corning Foodservice. Since starting TabletopJournal in 2011, Turner has been a contributor to Departures Magazine, IHMRS Show, HX Hotel and other hospitality publications and shows.
As an industry insider, Turner has worked with top hospitality tabletop brands on marketing, strategy, and brand development. Turner is a strong advocate and the leading evangelist for the role of tabletop and its impact in the hospitality guest dining experience.

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Lorenza Fumelli


Lorenza Fumelli was born in Rome and grew up in an environment infused with music, food, art and writing. Following a classical education she moved to Los Angeles, graduating in modern singing at MI (Musicians Institute). On returning to Italy a year later she began to cultivate a passion for writing, combining this with another of her obsessions: quality eating out and drinking. This intertwining of interests generated a personal online diary in which she jotted down her thoughts about all the restaurants, journeys and gastronomic experiences she thought worthy of note.  
Her Blog led to her first full-time job in the lifestyle section of a national newspaper, opening the way to further significant experiences in the world of food and drink.  In 2013, thanks to an investment by a major web publisher, she was given the lead role in  creating the web magazine 
She now travels the world on the lookout for new taste experiences and continues to direct Agrodolce, currently one of the biggest Italian food publications. 

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Maria Capai


Maria studied plastic arts and marketing. After a decade as a businesswoman, she decided to change her lifestyle; she moved to Ubatuba, a small coastal city, and dedicated herself to cooking, teaching, photographing and writing about food. Since 2009, she has been a youtuber and food blogger at DigaMaria.
For several years she was columnist for A Gazeta-ES newspaper and she is a collaborator for other newspapers and magazines. Nowadays, she is also working on the project Caiçara Flavors, which, through dinner classes, disseminates the food from the region that she lives in, between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo state.

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