By Andrej Godina and the Umami Area association
Pav. 24 Stand V50 Z49

TO COFFEE is about sustainability, training and cross-contaminations

TO COFFEE is a cultural event revolving about the theme of coffee that will take place during the five days of HostMilano. 

TO COFFEE will explore coffee as action following the golden thread of the sustainability of the supply chain. In this moment in time, the price determined by commodity exchanges is so low that coffee manufacturers cannot even cover production costs. In the wake of this crisis, TO COFFEE aims at sensitising sector operators by leveraging on the important aspects of supply chain sustainability to be communicated and presented to consumers. TO COFFEE will be the meeting place for coffee and cocoa product cross-contaminations in the scope of a project co-financed by the EU through the Erasmus+ programme.

The last appointment of the Cocoa Project will be held during HOST with a dedicated training programme dedicated on the world of premium quality chocolate after having organised training camps in plantations in Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador. Finally, Fabio Milani, barista trainer and owner of the Italian section of the European Bartender School, will burst into the TO COFFEE space with Coffee & Spirits workshops and master classes. It promises to be a unique opportunity to exchange experiences between the mixology and coffee worlds that seldom have the opportunity to meet.
Andrej Godina, President of Umami Area and PhD in Science, Technology and Economics in the Coffee Industry: "HostMilano is a biennial international event of extreme importance for the entire coffee production chain, where operators can find the latest news offered by the market.

On this scene, TO COFFEE aims to give international visitors innovative ideas on the latest market trends, on the most current innovation scenarios and on new cross-contamination ideas across different worlds and product categories. The topic of sustainability will be dealt with in a technical, in-depth and smart way to attract the interest of sector operators and circulate ideas for developing new business models. Furthermore, TO COFFEE will offer pitch sessions for young aspiring entrepreneurs for whom Milan can be a springboard to start up their new businesses."