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More than ever before, running a bar that satisfies market demand means being prepared to look beyond your horizons. You need to diversify your business and therefore engage with other sectors and combine product quality with service innovation. Host is the go-to place to discover how things are changing. It showcases the latest tools and trends, and is a must-see for any bar manager who is keen to take on board new influences from various sources, not only bars but also gelato parlours, bakeries and restaurants, and is ready to adopt new leisure facilities.
Accessories, coffee machines, equipment and beverages:anything that can be found behind the counter can always be found here at Host. Whether it be breakfast or light lunches with gourmet paninos, whether it be chef’s kitchens, aperitifs or party catering, all that you need is here. This is the place for multi-skilled bartenders who not only serve up top quality coffee, but want to expand their services and offer a new type of customer experience.
To complete the offer, the leading vending machines manufacturers. It is a business enjoying exponential growth that is constantly upping the game in respect of quality and security. The new machines offer excellence to customers looking for a refreshment break, whether they find themselves in offices, gyms, schools or airports. There are plenty of new things to be seen at the next edition of Host which, on this occasion, is juxtaposed to an unmissable major event: Expo 2015, which, just a few metres from the Host pavilions, will be staging a special cluster entirely dedicated to the world of coffee.